Siracusa is out of order

[Somehow I forgot to publish this post about Siracusa which was our first stop in Sicily. This happened the day before that amazing lunch we had in Ragusa.]

Siracusa is a bustling, charming city on the southeastern coast of Sicily. I failed to take any pictures of its relationship to the ocean, but trust me it’s there. The ship stayed in port for three days, but we left it after one night and headed inland to see some Greek temples and then the day after that made our way to Palermo.

If the charm and quirkiness of vintage Europe could be summed in a vehicle, it would be this. Although I think this is actually a new, not vintage, vehicle. One could imagine an Italian Inspector Clouseau pulling up in this.
Surely those dark clouds don’t mean rain.
Not only did those clouds mean rain they also meant crazy strong winds. Many of the vendors at the market (not this guy) packed up their wares and umbrellas and went home.
See if you can sound that one out.
The wind and rain was so crazy we ducked into this little restaurant while we were still dry to wait it out.
Nothing says Italy (and stormy weather) like a perfect plate of pasta at 11:00 AM. This one with fresh dill and tuna bottarga (cured fish roe).
This is where they film the Italian version of Sanford and Son.
By the end of the day the weather was perfect. This is the main piazza in Siracusa.
I like this picture of the cathedral because it shows the ancient Doric columns down the side while it’s a Corinthian, and much newer, party in the front. It’s like an architectural mullet.
Inside you really get a feeling of Johnny-come-lately Christians taking over a pagan temple. And I’m talking about the spaces filled in between the Doric columns of the temple, not the people glued to their phones.
We ducked out of the rain into what turned out to be a fabulous museum of antiquities.

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  1. Kristen M. July 30, 2018 / 12:08 am

    “Architectural mullet” is my favorite. :)

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