After our enormous lunch in Ragusa, we had to drive about two and half hours to get to Agrigento. Some of what we drove through was extremely picturesque. Think hills covered with lovely meadows. But the Sicilians have a trash problem. We aren’t talking about the occasional bit of litter, we’re talking “Honey, can you take the trash out?…Thanks babe, and while your at it, drive it out to a lovely country road, throw it out the window, hide the car and wait and see what humans or animals eventually come along, rip the bag open and randomly distribute the contents along side of the road. What’s that? Well I love you more.”

We were going to just go straight to our country inn (with pool!) to cool down and relax after a long day. The whole point in coming to the area was to see the Greek temples at Agrigento, but we thought we could see them the next morning before heading to Palermo. But as we drove to the hotel, we literally came across the Valley of the Temples site and it seemed silly to go past it only to have to back track the next day to see it. Plus it turns out that visiting in the early evening is a great time to see it, not just because of the nice light and cool breezes, but because there were hardly any people there.

2 thoughts on “Agrigento

  1. BookerTalk July 28, 2018 / 10:38 am

    That was a wise decision. I remember being there in the heat of the day and it was unbearable – there is no shade….
    Apart from their propensity to throw rubbish everywhere another thing we noticed about Sicilians is that the rules of the road don’t apply. Park where you feel like parking even if its on a bend, a pedestrian crossing, or even in the middle of the road so you can nip into the cafe for an espresso. And then we read in the guide book that to a Sicilian ‘all rules are simply suggestions” …..


  2. Jess’ Travel Itineraries August 15, 2018 / 6:56 am

    Beautiful photos – did you do anything else while in Agrigento or nearby? Heading off there myself in September


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