Australia Part III: Sydney

I am glad we went to Melbourne before we went to Sydney. Melbourne is a wonderful place but Sydney was so fabulous that it would have been a let down if we had gone to Sydney first. Not only that, but if we had reversed the order we would have been rained out in Sydney. But, as it turned out, we had beautiful weather while were in there. They were having unseasonably warm days in the mid-70s.

I know I am prone to hyperbole, but Sydney has got to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I know Travel+Leisure magazine thinks so. I could live in Sydney in a heartbeat–if only it wasn’t located half way around the world.

The pictures above were taken from our hotel room. The views were amazing and we could easily walk downtown, take the CityRail which was right next door, or walk through the great neighborhoods of Potts Point, Paddington, Surry Hills, and Woollahra.
Normally we would not do so, but we ended up staying at the Holiday Inn. We were originally scheduled to stay at a cheapish boutique hotel in the same neighborhood, but the bathroom was so moldy it set off the other Mr. MyPorch’s allergies. Not only was the Holiday Inn close, clean, and comfortable, but the views were great and it only cost $50 more a night than the depressing boutique where we spent our first night. It is making me rethink my automatic bias against big chains.

Parks in Sydney

Like Melbourne there are is a lot of wonderful greenspace in Sydney. The main difference is that in Syney much of the park space is found in one big chunk of green downtown with fewer parks scattered throughout the city. Sydney’s Botanic Gardens and Hyde Park form an enormous green park on the harbor right in the heart of work a day Sydney. There are very few U.S. American cities that have this kind of access to green space in the central business district. Given the wonderful weather while we were there the Sydneysiders who worked downtown to good advantage of the park on their lunch hours.