Parks in Sydney

Like Melbourne there are is a lot of wonderful greenspace in Sydney. The main difference is that in Syney much of the park space is found in one big chunk of green downtown with fewer parks scattered throughout the city. Sydney’s Botanic Gardens and Hyde Park form an enormous green park on the harbor right in the heart of work a day Sydney. There are very few U.S. American cities that have this kind of access to green space in the central business district. Given the wonderful weather while we were there the Sydneysiders who worked downtown to good advantage of the park on their lunch hours.

Parks in Melbourne

Seeing all of the green on maps of Melbourne really doesn’t prepare one for what the city looks like on the ground. I have never seen a city with as much park space as Melbourne. It seemed like every time we turned around there was some lovely green spot woven into the fabric of the city. We were able to make the half hour walk from our hotel to the central business district almost entirely in green space.

Even in winter these are really lovely places to be. Many trees were leafless but there was still plenty of green, plenty of blue sky, and plenty of sun. With high temperatures in the low 60s it was definitely jacket and scarf weather but perfect for finding a nice bench in the sun.

In the early evening as we would walk back to our hotel we were amazed by the number of joggers out and about. It was as if every Melbournian hurried home from the office, changed into running gear, and hit the trails. And these weren’t really casual jogs either, these people really keep up the pace.