California Part III: On the Road to Big Sur

Pictures (top to bottom): 1. Somewhere near Pebble Beach, 2. the other Mr. MyPorch’s penchant for succulants and gardening in general means lots of pictures like this one, 3. the beach in Carmel, 4. me eating something overlooking Carmel’s beach, 5. coastline south of Carmel.

After leaving Santa Cruz we headed down Highway 1 on our way to Big Sur. The weather was clear and cool–perfect for traveling. The route has so many beautiful views it is hard not to stop at them all. But, being the goal-oriented person that I am I had to make a real effort to stop and smell the ocean from time to time. Sometimes I think if it weren’t for the other Mr. MyPorch I would be like George Costanza–always in some imaginary race trying to “make good time.” In addition to stopping at a few beautiful spots along the way we also took some time out to see Carmel-by-the-Sea and its beautiful town beach right at the end of the main drag. The term main drag is a little misleading, it is really a picturesque street lined with a whole lot of expensive boutiques and the overall visual effect at least is charming.

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