California Part II: The B&B-hater’s B&B

While we were in Santa Cruz visiting good friends, we stayed at the best B&B we have ever experienced, the Adobe on Green Street. Besides being a beautiful old adobe house set on a quiet street in the middle of a beautiful garden, the owner’s of the B&B have created a space for people who hate B&Bs. This was our second stay at the Adobe and we had a great time.
If you are like me, you may like staying in a cozy house in a residential neighborhood, but dislike the quasi-parental eyes of the owners as you feel like you need to sneak in and out of your room so as not to disturb them. At the Adobe on Green Street you can stay for days and never even catch a glimpse of the owners. As far as I can tell they don’t actually live on the property. We kind of wish sometimes we could meet them, just to tell them how much we love their B&B, but that would kind of defeat the whole groove that they have created.

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