I Met Babs Cooper

Last weekend when we were in New York City for Thanksgiving, I sat in a diner in the East Village with Babs Cooper of The Womenfolk. As you may recall from an earlier tribute to these great ladies, I have been fascinated with The Womenfolk since 1988. It was only recently, after posting my tribute blog, that I was able to track down, and talk on the phone with, three of the remaining four Womenfolk. After more than 20 years of knowing nothing about them except for a few tidbits included on the back of their 1960s albums, I have had the honor of chatting with (and now meeting!) members of the group.

I was most excited to hear that Babs and the other three remaining Womenfolk got together recently to discuss old times and the future. It had been years, I think even decades, since some of them had seen each other. I am so happy that my efforts in tracking them down served as a catalyst in reuniting this band of talented women. Maybe something even more exciting will be the final result.

One thought on “I Met Babs Cooper

  1. Patricia December 8, 2007 / 12:29 pm

    Tom,What a thrill it is reading your comments about the wonderful WOMENFOLK!I’ve known three of the Womenfolk– Babs Cooper, Leni Sorensen and Lalah Simcoe– since we were kids, and have encouraged them to write a memoir about the group– perhaps as a novel– what a fine book it would make and what a great movie (a musical of course) their unique story would be. There have been so many “singer-band-biopix” but all of them are about the guys– why hasn’t some astute film-maker realized the potential in the female groups who livened up the Sixties and Seventies?Perhaps you efforts on behalf of these beautiful gals can lead to something wonderful that will tell the story of lady-folk-rockers who have contributed so much to our culture.I would be honored to link your blog and the Womenfolk page on myspace.com to my own Authors Guild website linked below… but don’t know enough about the web to accomplish this. Perhaps you can help me do this…?Thank you, Pat Winterwebsite: http://www.patwinter.net e-mail: winterdog@hotmail.com


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