I Met Babs Cooper

Last weekend when we were in New York City for Thanksgiving, I sat in a diner in the East Village with Babs Cooper of The Womenfolk. As you may recall from an earlier tribute to these great ladies, I have been fascinated with The Womenfolk since 1988. It was only recently, after posting my tribute blog, that I was able to track down, and talk on the phone with, three of the remaining four Womenfolk. After more than 20 years of knowing nothing about them except for a few tidbits included on the back of their 1960s albums, I have had the honor of chatting with (and now meeting!) members of the group.

I was most excited to hear that Babs and the other three remaining Womenfolk got together recently to discuss old times and the future. It had been years, I think even decades, since some of them had seen each other. I am so happy that my efforts in tracking them down served as a catalyst in reuniting this band of talented women. Maybe something even more exciting will be the final result.