Den Haag: The mean streets of The Hague

Our friends Ron and Barry live in Den Haag (The Hague) in the The Netherlands. Ron is a Canadian who I met when I was working in London in 1992. Being an American, I could work in England for 6 months, being a Canadian with British grandparents, Ron stayed forever. Or at least until he and Barry (who hails from South Africa) moved to Den Haag about a year ago.

I had only been to The Netherlands once before. It was a sunny weekend in March of 1995 and I only saw Amsterdam. So it was nice on this trip to see something in addition to Amsterdam. I still  want to go to Delft and Haarlam and a few other places, but Den Haag was a great place to start. I think it is a totally charming city and their neighorhood in the old part of town is just surrounded by musuems, shops and restaurants and is just a cobblestone’s throw from the Parliament. And it was nice and quiet. I could live here.

Our pictures are a little lackluster, but here they are.

John’s idea of Heaven: Piet Oudolf’s Garden

While we were in The Netherlands, John’s number one priority was to go see landscape designer Piet Oudolf’s garden. Oudolf is the world master of informal landscapes. He uses lots of grasses against a backdrop of shaped hedges to provide structure to garden in any season.  In early October with most plants past their seasonal prime the garden was beautiful with even the dying plants adding beautiful shape and color. Oudolf has also worked miracles at the Lurie Garden in Millenium Park in Chicago as well as the plantings on New York City’s High Line.

Oudolf’s wife Anja runs a nursery on the property and made John’s day by spending time chatting with him. She was beautiful and friendly. John’s only disappointment was not being able to buy anything to take back to the US.