Tornerò a Torino

I will return to Turin.

When I was planning my week in Milan I came across a listicle of the top places to hear opera in Italy. On the list, along with the old ornate palaces of opera in Venice (La Fenice), Milan (La Scala), Naples (San Carlo), and Palermo (Teatro Massimo), was the very modern Teatro Regio in Turin. Since there was only one opera playing in Milan while I was there I was looking for other opportunities to hear opera and Turin just happens to be about an hour from Milan by train. So naturally I booked a ticket to hear Rigoletto there.

The fact that Turin is a lovely city with an alpine backdrop was icing on the cake. (Speaking of cake, I just had a big piece of sheet cake and vanilla ice cream for breakfast.) There was also something quite fun about leaving my apartment in Milan, having lunch with an Italian near the train station, then getting on the train for an overnight stay in Turin with nothing in my bag but a book, a change of underwear and socks, and a toothbrush. It felt very cosmopolitan.

It was nearly impossible to get a good shot of the mountains from the train. Although this photo was snapped closer to Torino, I was surprised how quickly the mountains become visible on the way out of Milan.
Not the best picture, but I loved seeing the mountains at the end of the street in Turin.
Turin definitely felt more Italian than Milan. I loved the vintage look of this pharmacy.
I love the cupola just above the dome and below the spire on the the Mole Antonelliana tower.
The sky was an amazing color at dusk.
This sandwich may not look all that impressive, but given my sore tummy I hadn’t eat much in the previous 24-hours and I was hungry. The bread was the perfect combo of squishy and fluffy and chewy. The fresh mozzarella and prosciutto were delicious but bland enough to not cause further gastro distress.
I was told the region didn’t have much in the way of marble, so in the old days they primarily used brick and terracotta. I was amazed what they did with it in this building.
Inside the Palazzo Reale. If you have ever wanted a palace to yourself, go to Turin in February.


Built in 1694 to house the Shroud of Turin, this chapel caught fire in 1997 and it took 30 million euros and 21 years for its restoration. I’m glad they made the effort.
There was a little nip in the air, but sitting outside the palace in the sun was a very pleasant way to pass the time.
The very modern Teatro Regio. Sightlines were great, the sound was great, the singing was great. Highly recommend.
Then and now.


2 thoughts on “Tornerò a Torino

  1. Ruthiella March 2, 2019 / 8:31 pm

    I really enjoy armchair traveling with you Thomas. Thanks so much for sharing.


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