Asia Trip 20: Learning how to cook Thai food in Chiang Mai

After our amazing trip to the food market (see pictures below) we went back to the cooking school at the hotel and made four different dishes. Spicy Beef Salad, Spicy Ground Pork with Basil, Chicken Green Curry, and Phad Tai. The results were amazing. There were two other “students” besides John and I (me?). The chef-instructor would demonstrate and explain and then we would each go back to our own little kitchen areas and try and replicate it. The beef salad we ate right after we made it because it is best eaten straight away. The other three dishes waited for a feast at the end of the lesson.

Along with the trip to the food market, the cooking lesson was the highlight of our experiences in Thailand.

Hygiene is a chef’s best friend.
I am about to dig into my delicious and spicy beef salad. I hate beer, but I had to take a sip of John’s after eating this salad to put out the fire in my mouth.
Here is John perfecting his Thai Green Curry.
Learning how to make a “net” out of eggs.
Easier than it looks.
My Phad Thai wrapped in my egg net.
The best part about cooking. Time to eat.

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