Asia Trip 19: Tour of a food market in Chiang Mai

Here are pictures from a trip to the fresh food market in Chiang Mai. Our guide Tu was great, we got to touch and smell and taste all kinds of things. And best of all we got explanations for what everything was.

The yellow blocks are margarine, the bags of yellow liquid are cooking oil.
A Thousand Year Egg. Essentially a preserved egg. There is an explanation here on wikipedia for the Chinese version, but I think Tu mentioned something about using tea for the Thai ones, although that may have been for the green ones (below), not the pink ones.

Dried fish/seafood in the foreground.
This shirtless gentlman (at 7:30 in the morning–and it wasn’t hot, I had on a jacket) took coconut meat, add a bit of water, put them into a machine and put the resulting coconut milk into the bag he is holding for us to take back to the cooking school to put in our green curry.
Somekind of coconut dessert. It was too early in the morning for me to try much, but John got into the swing of things. His particular favorite was taro custard.
The beautiful and tasty Dragon Fruit. The flesh is white with black specks.
I was hoping these were pigs in a blanket, but they weren’t.
How pretty is that ice?
Tu assured us these were better than Krispy Kreme.

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