Our Rental Cars

While we were in France we rented cars in two different places rather than paying for a one way rental which can get kind of pricey. Our first one was the colorful Citroen you see above…ha ha, actually, no it wasn’t. Our first car was a cute little Audi A3 station wagon. It was an awesome fuel efficient diesel. It might have been too little for Ron and Barry sitting in the back seat, but it was fun to drive.

The second car we got turned out to be another Audi, but this time the A4 station wagon. This we didn’t need the bigger version, especially since we no longer had passengers in the back seat, but it was all they had for us. I liked the A4 as well, but for Europe, I liked the little A3 better.

Driving in France was no problem at at all. It helped that we were nowhere near Paris and we had a trusty GPS unit. I think I only got yelled at once by a French driver–at least I only heard someone yell at me once.

3 thoughts on “Our Rental Cars

  1. Thomas September 14, 2009 / 7:37 am

    Even if they had offered the 2 cv, I doubt it would have been automatic transmission. And I am hopeless with manual.


  2. Rob Brummitt March 26, 2013 / 5:43 pm

    So how was it driving two rental cars, an Audi A3 and an A4 station wagon? The last time we were in France, it didn’t cross my mind to rent two cars instead of going with a one way rental. I could’ve driven two of my favorite cars if I knew it was possible back then.

    Rob Brummitt


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