My Big Love for "Big Love"

For someone who loves TV as much as I do, this blog has been wildly remiss in bringing to your attention that which is wonderful in the world of television.

If you don’t have HBO you need to get it. The Sopranos may be over (a show I never watched, for no real reason, just didn’t watch it) but Big Love lives on. It is the story of a polygamist family in suburban Salt Lake City trying to live a mainstream life. With Bill Paxton as the patriarch, Jeanne Tripplehorn as first wife and Chloe Sevigny and Ginnifer Goodwin as sister wives two and three respectively, the cast is amazing but the writing is even better. To me the hallmark of a good drama is one that lets you see the humanity in the characters even when you don’t necessarily want to. For most non-polygamists it might be a little startling to find yourself rooting for Bill and his family, but you do.

Of course it often seems batshit crazy but you still end up liking this family. The normality of the Henrickson family is set in stark contrast to the polygamist compound Juniper Creek that plays a central role in much of the drama on Big Love. Not only did Bill grow up at Juniper Creek but Nicki, wife number two, is the daughter of the “prophet” who rules the community. Grace Zabriskie’s brilliant portrayal of Bill’s looney mother Lois who also lives on the compound steals every scene she is in. It is one of those shows that always ends too soon with you clamoring for the next episode.

If you haven’t seen it, start out by renting or buying season one on DVD.

In other TV news.

I have recently gotten in to Family Guy. After years of ignoring it (I couldn’t get over the talking baby) I now can’t get enough of it. In fact, Stewie the talking baby, is my hands down favorite. Perhaps the greatest clip I have seen (relating to my love of books no less) can be found here. I was snorting like a pig as I tried to stifle my laugh while watching it at work. The show couldn’t be more random–or funny.

Entourage (also on HBO) continues to be one my favorites. Why can’t everyone make shows as good as HBO?

Counting the days until I can see The Simpson’s movie! 7/27/07!

Apparently Project Runway will not be making its annual appearance until the fall. Easily the best of Bravo’s reality show but I find Top Chef a decent substitute.