2021 Road Trip : Book Buying

Because our 17-day road trip was cut down to eight, I didn’t do as much book browsing as I anticipated doing. I was particularly looking forward to going to used book stores and just having a good rummage around. Prior to hitting the road, I think I had only been in two used bookstores since March 2020. Buying used books online is even less satisfying as buying new books online. Plus the I was hoping to come across some of the dusty old forgotten authors that aren’t desired enough for someone to put them for sale online. I was looking forward to the hunt.

As you may already have seen in an earlier post, I did have a good hour at the Book Barn of the Finger Lakes, but its so over filled that it was somewhat challenging.

Looking through my photos, I realize that I didn’t document things very well. It was nice to forget about the phone in my pocket, so I guess that was a good thing.

Yellow House Books in Great Barrington, MA
A great shop with really good stock.
The last time we went on a road trip like this I took a chance on a whole stack of May Sartons. I had never read her before, but thought, what if I like her, I’d kick myself for not buying all of them. I had the same experience this time with Ruth Prawer Jhabvala. She was a great collaborator of Merchant-Ivory. I’ve loved both novels I’ve read by Damon Galgut, so picking up this one was a no-brainer.
The Bookstore in Lenox, Massachusetts is a very nice new book store. The top book is a kind of social history of the life and times of Beethoven’s ninth symphony.
I was not a fan of the one Patrick Melrose novel I read, but I couldn’t resist this cover.
Two doors down from The Bookstore in Lenox was this used bookstore that was closing. It didn’t have a sign, I think it was a pop-up of sorts run by The Bookstore. This would have been a ton of fun, and it was right across from our hotel, but alas I never made it there when it was open.
Raven Books in Northampton, Massachusetts. Pretty fun place, but not as neglected as I would like.
Only found two things at Raven Books.
I wasn’t expecting to find any books at a home interiors/antique shop in New Preston, Connecticut. They had a lot of Mitford stuff and books about the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. And they also had these fabulous editions of Mrs Harris–they came home with me.
I bought a fourth book at Baldwin’s, but I have no recollection of what it was.

6 thoughts on “2021 Road Trip : Book Buying

  1. Simon T September 4, 2021 / 2:19 pm

    I enjoyed Great Victorian Collection earlier this year. Sorry your trip had to be shortened

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Liz Dexter September 5, 2021 / 2:05 pm

    Those Mrs ‘Arris editions look super. I’ve not read a Ruth Prawer Jhabvala I’ve not liked so a good call there, I think!


  3. Nadia September 8, 2021 / 9:08 am

    Looks like some pretty good book shopping to me :) That Double Blind cover is gorgeous and those Mrs. ‘Arris books look like such fun.


  4. Ruthiella September 8, 2021 / 7:30 pm

    Nice haul. I am reading the most recent Damon Galgut novel, The Promise, and very much enjoying it. I’ve also just recently finished the first four novels in St. Aubyn’s Patrick Melrose books and am curious about the title you purchased. I thought they were pretty good, but I started with the first one and read on. You only read the fourth one and I wonder if that is why you didn’t like it.


  5. Gail September 15, 2021 / 12:47 pm

    Love the Duck or Grouse sign..Ha!


  6. conmartin13 September 28, 2021 / 11:15 pm

    A friend in DC tried to lure me to Baldwin’s Book Barn recently. I was definitely tempted!


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