Dirty WASPs

One of the many book cases in the house. I would say about 70% of the books in the house had to belong to the original owners.

This house we stayed at in Maine was owned for 70-some years by the same WASPy family. Seriously WASPy. Based on a few names I found in some of the old books that the new owners kept I was able to construct quite a family tree for the original owners.  We are talking Park Avenue mansion and the Mayflower.

Well one of those WASPs had a predilection for books that straddle the line between academic and prurient.

This might be the most academic of the cache of sex-related books I found on the shelves. But even then, a lot to titillate in the pre-internet world.
I realize now, I didn’t skim this one as much as the others and now I am curious about it.
This one was a bit of a ‘how to’. Full of rules, etiquette, demographics. Pretty fascinating.
How I wish this book had been on their shelves.
No doubt a stocking stuffer one Christmas.
One can only imagine how hi-larious it must have been when Chauncey bought this one.

One thought on “Dirty WASPs

  1. Ti September 15, 2020 / 12:28 pm

    This reminds me of the storage room I visited of a professor on campus who taught a class on Sexual Tendencies and Orgies.


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