Playing house at Sissinghurst

Still getting used to the fact that we had the place to ourselves, we decided to stay in for dinner. And not having a ton of energy after not getting much sleep on our overnight flight, we decided a simple meal was in order. We relished our bread and cheese dinner with some hummus and olives thrown in, followed by fresh strawberries with vanilla custard.

It was strawberry season in the UK and I think we had them every day of our trip. This moment was significant for two reasons. One: Our work lives have been so busy over the past couple of years that we don’t do much cooking in the evening. We’ve become very lazy, or it we do cook it’s just one more busy thing. Even though I had planned the simplest of meals on our first night I  had to force myself to clean the berries. Once I started though, it actually felt very calming. I could feel another layer of daily stress slipping away. Two: It reminded me of the scene in As Time Goes By where Jean and Lionel leave Penny out in the garden to prepare some strawberries and cream.

They had a very nice digital radio in the kitchen/dining room which meant we could double down on the English-ness of the moment with the BBC. I’m not sure what I expected, but I was a little disappointed in what was available. Instead of classical music on Radio 3 they were playing a dramatization of something. But this was no Day of the Triffids or Cranford, it was some modern thing with lots of s***s and f***s. And Radio 4 didn’t provide something homey like Barbara Pym on Desert Island Discs or the shipping forecast, it was some news programming with too many American accents. It wasn’t always like this during our stay, but that first night it was kind of disappointing that the radio was in 2019 not 1949.

Our modest, but delicious collation. Note the old timey (but digital) radio in the back that did not play 1940s programming.
It looks a little sparse, but it was really quite satisfying. I wore my jacket inside because it was a little on the chilly side. It’s always nice to get away from the heat in DC so we loved the cool nights–although not all of them required jackets inside the house.

We did manage to stay up until about 10 pm. And then, what I like to call, the sleep of the ages. That feeling of total, beautiful, exhaustion after having been up for over 24 hours. It feels so good. And to be able to sleep with the windows open, cool air flowing in, snuggled under a cozy duvet. Bliss.

One thought on “Playing house at Sissinghurst

  1. Susan in TX July 3, 2019 / 12:42 pm

    It looks like the perfect meal for the setting.


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