Fogged in at Sea Ranch

After The Readers Retreat Simon and I wended our way up the coast to Sea Ranch, a lovely, quiet spot of rugged coastline. And when I say wended, we really wended. The road north of Bodega Bay to Sea Ranch is twisty and yours truly got more than a little car sick even though I was driving. I think that the windy road (as opposed to windy) is one of the reasons why the area is not jam packed with holiday makers and weekend homeowners. There are, for sure, weekend homes at Sea Ranch, but happily it has all been done in a way to keep the coast looking very coastal. We stayed at the Sea Ranch Lodge which is a lovely throwback to 1970s California modernism.

It was foggy the whole time we were there but it was so peaceful and conducive to reading that I didn’t mind one little bit. One of the things I really love about this setting aside from the ocean, is the plant diversity. It may look at first glance like a field of grass, but there is so much more going on the closer you look.

One thought on “Fogged in at Sea Ranch

  1. Dianne October 6, 2018 / 7:30 pm

    Such a beautiful part of the world! If you end up heading north, do visit Mendocino, too. Charming and beautiful. Visit the Botanical Gardens, too, just north of Mendocino. Incredible rhododendrons, paths that meander through, and then onto the headlands with amazing views. BTW, keep meaning to thank you for mentioning Victoria Four-Thirty…SO enjoying it


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