Art and Artful Clutter

When we were on North Haven Island over Labor Day weekend, we stopped into the Hopkins Wharf Gallery. Inside we met artist and gallery co-owner David Wilson whose work is featured prominently in the gallery’s well curated collection. If we had had a roll of red dots and unlimited funds we would be been popping stickers all over the place.

After falling into discussion about various pieces in the gallery and the pottery of Frances Palmer in particular, Wilson asked us if we wanted to see more of her work. Being big fans of Palmer, we said yes and were ushered next door into part of the living quarters that he shares with his husband David Hopkins who is also co-owner of the gallery. And that was when my jaw dropped. Thank goodness John had the composure to pay attention to the pottery because my visual sensors went into the most glorious state of overload I think I have ever experienced. The Davids inhabit a world that is crammed in the most delightful way with beautiful objects, found items, and fragments of memory. It’s the kind of clutter that doesn’t feel put on or pretentious. It feels like the accretion of two artistic minds who have been together for 40 years. It was just marvelous. I could have spent hours pawing through everything. And even though I asked permission before I snapped some photos, I still felt sheepish about taking as many pictures as I really wanted to take.

It was in the studio space where things got really interesting.

After the behind scenes tour, and meeting Hopkins who was manning their gift shop next door, we decided we needed of a stroll (and some ice cream) to decide which, if any, of the pieces in the gallery we may want to buy. In the end we decided on one large piece by Wilson and two smaller ones by other artists. There will be more on the Wilson piece after it arrives here in DC, but here is a snap of it below followed by some pictures of the gallery.

One thought on “Art and Artful Clutter

  1. Liz Dexter September 16, 2018 / 4:57 pm

    Wow – thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with us!


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