My TBR by the decades – The 1990s

[For those who don’t know, I am participating in A Century of Books this year which requires me to read one book from each year from 1919 through 2018.]


The Boss Dog – M.F.K. Fisher

I’ve already started this one. It is very short and about southern France, but for some reason I don’t find it very compelling. It’s taking me much longer to read than it should.


Long Ago in France – M.F.K. Fisher
Coming into the Endzone – Doris Grumbach
City of the Mind – Penelope Lively

Based  on my note for 1990, I’m not sure how I will feel about Long Ago in France. Plus let’s be real, this is the first Penelope Lively on my list. It’s bound to get read.


English Music – Peter Ackroyd
Arcadia – Jim Crace
Black Dogs – Ian McEwan

I so loved Jim Crace’s novel Being Dead. I really need to read something else by him. I have one or two others on the list in addition to this one. 


Saving Agnes – Rachel Cusk
The Furies – Janet Hobhouse
In a Country of Mothers – A.M. Homes
The Green Knight – Iris Murdoch

Pretty sure Saving Agnes is going to get the nod. I’ve got a stockpile of Cusks that I am very interested in reading. I think this is the earliest of them. The A.M. Homes would be second choice.


None to Accompany Me – Nadine Gordimer
Notes of a Crocodile – Qiu Miaojin


The Blue Flower – Penelope Fitzgerald
The Book of Knowledge – Doris Grumbach
Total Chaos – Jean-Claude Izzo
Love, Again – Doris Lessing
How Long Has This Been Going On? – Ethan Mordden


A Life in the Day – Doris Grumbach
The Beauty of Men – Andrew Holleran
The Debt to Pleasure – John Lanchester
At Eighty-Two – May Sarton


Dog Day – Alicia Gimenez-Bartlett
Mendel’s Dwarf – Simon Mawer
Four Letter’s of Love – Niall Williams

I thought Mawer’s novel The Glass Room was such a fine book that I was surprised to read Trapeze which seemed kind of lazy and superficial in comparison. I will be interested to see which end of the spectrum Mendel’s Dwarf falls on.


Quarantine – Jim Crace
The House Gun – Nadine Gordimer
Spiderweb – Penelope Lively
Storm Tide – Marge Piercy

An embarrassment of riches for 1988. 


Atomised – Michel Houellebecq
The Blackwater Lightship – Colm Toibin

I think Atomised will be a bit outside my comfort zone so more likely to read the Toibin, unless I am so far ahead of schedule that I don’t mind going more slowly.

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3 thoughts on “My TBR by the decades – The 1990s

  1. Liz Dexter January 23, 2018 / 3:02 am

    The Toibin is brilliant. You have LOT of May Sarton, haven’t you!


  2. Susan in TX February 21, 2018 / 1:32 pm

    I didn’t care for City of the Mind (the only P. Lively I’ve read so far.) All I remember about The Blue Flower was the beautiful writing (this is why I keep notes – to keep the Penelopes separated!), and I read The Debt to Pleasure back in 2010 with the Cornflower Book Group. It had funny moments, but the narrator was sort of a nut job (to be fair, I was finishing this one on a long flight home from an exhausting conference, so might not have given it my best attention.)

    I’m continuing to scroll down through your decades looking for overlap. :)


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