shelf by shelf : from MacInnes to McCarthy

I haven’t posted a shelf since July. I almost forgot this is something. I think I was subconsciously worried that Hogglestock was becoming too shelfy. I was also kind of tempted to take new photos of the shelves that I have yet to write about as some of them have changed noticeably since I photographed them. But I thought better of that notion because I had always intended it to catch one moment in time, and updating photos could really get me into a loop of updating that would never end.

Don’t forget to click. Plenty of room to zoom.

SHELF SIXTEEN: 29 books, 21 unread, 8 read, 28% completed

MacInnes, Helen – The Salzburg Connection (completed)
MacInnes, Helen – The Double Image
MacInnes, Helen – Rest and Be Thankful
MacInnes, Helen – The Snare of the Hunter
MacInnes, Helen – The Hidden Target
MacInnes, Helen – Agent in Place
MacInnes, Helen – Message from Malaga
MacInnes, Helen – Prelude to Terror
After I became wildly enamored of the vintage thrillers of Eric Ambler thanks to a tip on Twitter, I asked the Twitterverse if they new of a comparable female author. A friend mentioned Helen MacInnes. She was a little hard to find at first but then when Nonsuch Book and I made a roadtrip to Baltimore to go to Book Thing (the “store” where all the books are free) I found a cart load of them.

Marouane, Leila – The Sexual Life of an Islamist in Paris (completed)
I don’t remember anything about this book but I know I liked it and found it amusing.

Martinac, Paula – Out of Time (completed)
Woman walks into an antique shop, takes home a vintage scrapbook of four women, ends up haunted by the lives of “the Gang”. Good Lesbian fiction from small press. Very under the radar.

Maugham, W. Somerset – Christmas Holiday (completed)
Maugham, W. Somerset – Catalina
Maugham, W. Somerset – Mrs  Craddock
Maugham, W. Somerset – Then and Now
Maugham, W. Somerset – The Complete Short Stories Vol 1
Maugham, W. Somerset – The Complete Short Stories Vol 2
This is another example of a prolific author I very much like but is way underrepresented on my shelves. Novels of his that I have read and are missing here include Of Human Bondage, The Painted Veil, The Razor’s Edge, Up at the Villa, and Cakes and Ale.

Maupin, Armistead – Tales of the City (completed)
This is really only on the shelf for the sake of nostalgia. I doubt I will ever read it again and the million other follow-ups leave me kind of bored. But, back in the day I loved this book.

Mavor, Elizabeth – The Ladies of Llangollen
Two women from titled Irish familes set-up housekeeping in Wales in 1780 and live together for 50 years.

Mawer, Simon – The Glass Room (completed)
Mawer, Simon – Tightrope
Mawer, Simon – Mendel’s Dwarf
I loved The Glass Room. It is so well written and plotted and the subject matter is fascinating. I’ve only read one other Mawer: Trapeze (not pictured). It was enjoyable, but nowhere near as accomplished as The Glass Room.

Maxwell, William – Over by the River
Maxwell, William – All the Days and Nights
Maxwell, William – The Chateau
A well-regarded author (especially of short stories?) who I have never read. These three volumes are here merely because he is supposed to be so good. Maybe that should be my next self-imposed challenge: to read at lest one book by authors I haven’t read but who have multiple books on my shelves.

Mayle, Peter – Anything Considered (completed)
I realized recently with another Mayle book just how fluffy and superficial his books are. Although I really enjoyed this caper about truffle hunting years ago when I read it, after my most recent experience I know I will never go back to this one so I moved it to the donate pile just last weekend.

McCarthy, Mary – Cast a Cold Eye
McCarthy, Mary – The Groves of Academe (completed)
McCarthy, Mary – A Charmed Life
McCarthy, Mary – The Company She Keeps
My two favorite McCarthy’s (so far) are on the next shelf and I have only read one of these. I don’t really know much about McCarthy but I loved The Group so much that I buy her novels whenever I see one I don’t have. But more about her next time when I walk about my two favorites.


NEXT TIME: McCarthy to Murdoch

5 thoughts on “shelf by shelf : from MacInnes to McCarthy

  1. wickeddarkphotography September 10, 2016 / 8:43 am

    I’ve been meaning to read some Maugham. Any good ones to start with?
    And it’s not so nuts to donate books you haven’t read, but are taking up space. I did a lot of that when I moved. Most I don’t regret.

    Oh and I’ve started my own shelf by shelf project, but it’s virtual and shows my shelves on LibraryThing instead because I have so many e and audio books. Here’s the first one –


  2. robinandian2013 September 10, 2016 / 3:06 pm

    I enjoy your shelf posts – let’s keep going.
    I encourage you to give William Maxwell a try. I think you’d like him. I’ve read several of his books and I think So Long, See You Tomorrow is outstanding. A superb writer.


  3. Karen September 10, 2016 / 6:46 pm

    I just found a Helen MacInnes at a used book sale yesterday! (The Hidden Target) – it’s about third in queue to read.

    I also like your shelf posts, keep ’em comin’.


  4. Liz Dexter September 11, 2016 / 2:13 am

    Hooray, back to the shelves. I still haven’t done any myself because I still haven’t done my shelving, and I can’t blame my dodgy rib for that now …


  5. Karen K. September 14, 2016 / 3:42 am

    I just read The Chateau by Maxwell and absolutely loved it. It’s one of those books that seems to be about nothing, but it’s really absorbing after all. It’s long but really worth reading.

    Also I know what you mean about Peter Mayle. I loved reading all his books when he was really popular years ago and now they’ve kind of dwindled for me. I think I got rid of all of his fiction except Hotel Pastis which is by far the best.


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