#TheReadersRoadtrip – Days 3-5: McLean and Eakin, Petoskey, MI

The local independent bookstore host for Booktopia, and our center of gravity for two days, was Mclean and Eakin. Given the amount of time we spent there I’m surprised by how much I didn’t buy. This was also the place Simon and I were the subjects of one of the Booktopia breakout sessions. Imagine an hour sitting in front of eager readers and listeners of The Readers. That’s my idea of a good time. Not sure if the audience felt that way, but I had fun.

So what did I buy?


I’ve been avoiding Ruth Reichl’s novel because I love her non-fiction so much I’ve been wary of thinking less of her in case her gift for writing doesn’t transfer to fiction. I guess the time was right to take the plunge. I read some Dario Fo in college Italian classes. Don’t remember anything about him but a combo of the cover and the fact it is a Europa book kind of sealed the deal. The book about the Place Vendome was for John as was the The Dirty Life–a memoir of a woman who decides to become a farmer. I’m not sure why I bought the Anita Diamont same for Euphoria. Probably a cover thing.


One thought on “#TheReadersRoadtrip – Days 3-5: McLean and Eakin, Petoskey, MI

  1. Kateg October 8, 2015 / 8:39 pm

    Thanks to you and Simon! I had a great time with you both during that hour at McLean and Eakin. I liked the Ruth Reichl and Euphoria has been on my radar to read.


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