Where in the world?

A prize for the person who can figure out in which city this lovely hotel room is located.


  • I stayed there in 2002 as part of a month-long trip around Europe to hear opera.
  • The bed was too short for me. And because there was footboard similar to the headboard, I had to put the mattress on the floor in order to be able to sleep.
  • A Communist may have been responsible for the phone.
  • Mozart and Frank Gehry have both made their mark on the city.
  • Although Russalka would feel at home here, I heard Cosi Fan Tutte and Aida.
  • If the city makes you think of Vin Diesel I wouldn’t hold it against you.

Put your guess in the comment section. In the event there is more than one right answer, I will draw randomly. Winner can be anywhere in the world and will receive the paperback of their choosing from The Book Depository. Deadline for entries will be Sunday night (June 12th).

16 thoughts on “Where in the world?

  1. mel u June 10, 2011 / 8:40 am

    The answer, I think, is Prague!


  2. verity June 10, 2011 / 10:00 am

    Prague – and I didn't look at the comments until I'd worked it out :)


  3. Karen K. June 10, 2011 / 10:03 am

    I was going to say Vienna until I read the communist remark about the phone — could it be Prague?


  4. winstonsdad June 10, 2011 / 11:06 am

    prague and its the dancing house by Gehry,all the best stu


  5. pagesofjulia June 10, 2011 / 11:56 am

    Prague. Here I had it all figured out, but I wasn't the only one :)


  6. Read the Book June 10, 2011 / 2:54 pm

    Prague! It was Russalka and the Communists that gave it away!


  7. sel June 10, 2011 / 4:26 pm

    I know very little about European cities, unfortunately, but I read my brother the clues and he says Prague.

    Looking at the other comments now, I think he might be right! :)


  8. Paperback Reader June 11, 2011 / 9:02 am

    I guessed Prague before clicking on comments too. Seems that you under-estimated us all, Thomas!


  9. savidgereads June 11, 2011 / 9:45 am

    It's a Prague from me too Thomas, the story about the mattress on the floor made me laugh as something very similar happened to me in said same city… though the bed didnt look like that one.


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