7 thoughts on “Worst. Movie. Ever.

  1. Mrs. B. November 1, 2009 / 10:27 pm

    Ha, ha, I can't believe you actually watched it! Best film I've seen recently is the 500 Days of Summer. A very cute and enjoyable film. I can't wait for the Jane Campion film about John Keats, Bright Star…it sounds brilliant!


  2. Cass November 1, 2009 / 11:11 pm

    The book is just as bad! Probably worse since it inspired so many sequels!


  3. Peter S. November 2, 2009 / 7:47 am

    Hi, Thomas! LOL at your reaction to the movie. I've seen it, and, unlike you, it elicited no strong feelings in me. Hehehe. I neither liked it nor hated it.


  4. Thomas November 2, 2009 / 1:11 pm

    Mrs. B: I can't believe I watched it either.

    Cass: I was thinking it might be a bad version of Sex in the City. Instead it made Hannah Montana look sophisticated.

    Peter: Since you have good taste in books, I will let this one slide…


  5. Overdue November 3, 2009 / 5:19 am

    Why on earth did you watch that? You could have spent those 2 hours reading. Or doing housework. Or sticking red hot pins in your eyes. What a waste.


  6. trish November 6, 2009 / 5:31 pm

    What shocks me more is that people will say they liked the book WITH A STRAIGHT FACE.


  7. Citizen Reader November 9, 2009 / 11:44 am

    I've got an even worse one for you: My Best Friend's Girl, with Dane Cook and Kate Hudson. That was how I wasted a couple of hours a few weekends ago, and I'm still mad about it.

    Although others' suggestions here that the time could have been spent doing housework are a little disturbing–as bad as bad movies are, I think they're still better than doing housework. Could be just me, though.


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