40 by 40 Update: #19 Release 25 Books Into the Wild Through Book Crossing

(Back in May of 2007 I noticed that a bunch of people in the blogosphere had created lists of 101 things to do in 1001 days. I was intrigued by the notion but felt I needed to change the parameters. So I created my 40 by 40 list. 40 things I wanted to do before I turned 40. Well on August 17th I turn 40, and I need to give $10 to charity for every uncompleted item. So it is time to see how I did.)

19. Release 25 Books into the Wild Through Book Crossing – NOT COMPLETED
Running Tally: $90.00 to charity.

I gave this one up back in July 2007. As I blogged back then:

If I could figure out how to do a strikethrough on this blog I would cross
this one out. I thought I would love this particular challenge. The idea is that
you tag books you have read with a Bookcrossing label, register them online, and
then leave them somewhere for someone to find in hopes that they will pick them
up, see the tag, go online to note where they found it and what they thought
about the book and then release it back into “the wild” for someone else to
find.I loved the idea of people connecting through books, but the process of
leaving them out in the wild gave me more stress than joy. Maybe because you
don’t really get to connect with people this way, and maybe because the kinds of
books I read aren’t going to find a broad audience, or maybe it is because I am
sure that most if not all of the books I have left out in the wild were probably
thrown away. In any case, I didn’t find anything edifying about the process and
it was stressing me out. So I am abandoning this one which means at least $10
for charity when I hit 40.

One thought on “40 by 40 Update: #19 Release 25 Books Into the Wild Through Book Crossing

  1. Overdue August 13, 2009 / 3:44 am

    Wow, I thought that was just my own particular neurosis. I can't do bookcrossing either. I feel like I'm abandoning them. I want to leave them tucked in a waterproof, centrally heated box. But it just doesn't work that way. So I gave up and just give my books to charity shops now.
    Thanks for the advice. I'm considering doing another degree actually, but I'm not sure I could handle the discipline after 10 years in the real world.


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