Furry Rodents

In general I think nature should be allowed to have her way. Having a garden shouldn’t be about controlling nature, it should be about watching what happens. But what if some of nature’s little visitors–like chattering, ravenous squirrels–seem more a byproduct of human habitation? Fed by too many well-meaning but misguided folks, the squirrels seem to be taking over and treating John’s flower garden like a salad bar. I suppose next year when we have a real garden at ground level we will have bunnies to worry about. Will they seem any less predatory than the cute, but maniacal squirrel? And then of course there are moles and such. In that case we would have to call in my mother who has wielded a pitchfork and what seemed like sticks of dynamite (smoke bombs?) while waging a Caddyshack-like war against cute little vermin that were hellbent on destroying her lawn and garden. A good fence should take care of the deer which are all too prevalent in urban Washington. Of course none of this addresses the never-ending bumper crop of rats that plague our fair city. For them, and their ability to chew through just about anything and reproduce like cockroaches, no mercy!

One thought on “Furry Rodents

  1. Anonymous June 17, 2009 / 10:21 pm

    Thomas, we have a little garden in our urban backyard and our strawberries came back this year really strong. There were many popping up, just waiting to get red. Little by little all the strawberries have been eaten – mostly by squirrels and a few bunnies. All. Gone. Gone.

    I share your and John's pain!



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