Safari: Hippos!

Nothing like watching Hippos play while you enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. Hearing their crazy noises early in the morning (like giant amplified tubas) I pulled myself out my cozy bed to go see for myself. Since our tent was right on the river we could sit on our deck and watch the Hippos. Even though it was only 6:30 AM, there was already a group in the water so I feared that they might already be in the water for the day and that we wouldn’t get any good sightings or pictures. Just heads coming out of the water. (Hippos go out and graze at night and stay in the water during the day to keep cool.)
However, as I focused on the group in the water a large adult silently came into sight along the opposite bank of the river. Then a little later a group of three young hippos took their playing out of the water, running around and grazing a bit on the slopes of the bank.

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