Road Trip Part V: Saranac and Lake Placid

We had a rainy day while we were at Elk Lake Lodge in the Adirondacks so we hopped in the car and drove north to Saranac and Lake Placid. If we had been smart and taken our passports on the trip we would have gone up to Montreal for the day, but alas that was not to be.
Like so many other places we stopped on the trip, Saranac was a nice little town. And we were lucky to be there while their public library was having its annual book festival. This meant lots of used books for sale. Interested in gardening books John had much more success there than I did. I had fiction titles I was looking for and at this kind of a sale that is a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Lake Placid was semi-picturesque, but I found it a little swamped with tourists. Given the high profile of Olympic venues in recent years, it is hard to imagine this little burg being the site of the 1980 Winter Olympics. The Olympic training center on the main drag in Lake Placid seems so modest it is hard to believe it was focus of the world’s attention 28 years ago.

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