What’s Good on TV?

Well maybe rather than “What’s Good?” I should ask “What’s Entertaining?” Without regular access to new scripted programming (like new episodes of The Office and 30 Rock) because of the writer’s strike, our television watching time has definitely drifted toward “reality” programming. So a list of our favorites…(in no particular order):

Extras. HBO and Ricky Gervais’ recently concluded, and far too short, series Extras is absolutely brilliant. Rent the DVD, if you are lucky it will have closed captions so you can read all the jokes you are missing due to the language barrier or your inability to hear over your own laughing. The first season seems a little dry and is a lot funnier when you go back and watch it after you have seen the second season and the finale. The show really hit its stride in the second season, and the finale was a hilarious and touching 85 minutes. A little longer and I would have gladly paid to see it in the theater. Stephen Merchant, Gervais’ pal, co-creator, and co-star makes me bust a gut everytime I see him on the screen. His animated face make me think of a live action depiction of Wallace of Wallace and Gromit fame.

Masterpiece (Theatre) on PBS. I am not entirely sure what I think of Masterpiece Theatre’s new incarnation, but I am loving the complete Jane Austen that they are showing. It almost feels like too much all at once, an embarassment of riches as it were. It would be better if they were spread more throughout the year rather than what seems to be feast or famine.

Question: How many different versions of a novel adaptation do you have to see before you can claim that you have read the book? The only Austen I have read is Northanger Abbey, but I have seen two different versions of Persuasion and at least two different versions of Pride and Prejudice and Emma. Does this mean I can pretend that I have read them? The most recent version of Persuasion on PBS seemed, in many ways, like a differnent story than the cinematic version from the late 90s. Maybe I just need to read the book.

Project Runway. A perennial favorite regardless of what else is on. I love to see creative, talented people doing what seems to me like the impossible. I feel the same way about Top Chef. I can’t get enough of it and I can’t wait until the new Chicago Season starts. In general Bravo does a good job with kind of show. Low on personal drama, focus on the creative process. I only wish they aired more of creative process and more of the judges’ deliberation. Remember when the initial thought behind the Bravo network was to focus on the performing arts. With the exception of Inside the Actor’s Studio, there ain’t much of that goin on anymore.

Real Housewives of Orange County. The people we love to hate. Makes one ask the question, How do all of these seemingly dumb people end up with so much money? We haven’t watched the Lauri wedding episode/season finale yet. I can’t wait for Real Housewives of New York to begin. Check out this NPR story.

Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane. Mindless entertainment. Just saw it for the first time–no one could ever accuse me of being an early adopter–and I kind of like it. At first I thought she was a bit annoying, then I realized that I kind of her, she seems to have a good sense of humor.

Planet Earth. We missed this when it was originally on the Discovery Network, but we have been Netflixing the DVDs and are amazed. It is like all of those nature shows we loved as kids but so much better. Some of the scenes they are able to capture are like none I have ever seen before. It is mind-boggling to think that we share the same planet with all of the flora and fauna shown in this series. It makes me want to travel a lot more but it also makes me even more worried that our planet is in trouble even though so far we have only noticed one mention of global warming. This is not to be missed, especially if your TV and DVD are HD capable.

3 thoughts on “What’s Good on TV?

  1. Mr. Anjou January 26, 2008 / 4:50 pm

    Good taste, as usual, Thomas! However, please tell me that you’re not really watching Real Housewives of Orange County? That show should be the cornerstone of Al-Qaeda’s anti-American indoctrination program.I wanted to love Project Runway this season, but I find it a little dull. I don’t miss the hateful misogynist Jeffrey, but this season feels too tame. Part of the problem is that Tim Gunn may be on auto-pilot. Make… it… work…(repeat)I really should watch more PBS. During the strike, I’ve mostly been watching CNN or CNN Headline News. Depressing!


  2. Thomas January 28, 2008 / 7:39 pm

    Since I started my new job, I have only been watching current events out of the corner of my eye. And with Jon Stewart showing me nightly just how mind-boggling bad television news is, including CNN, I certainly don’t spend much time getting my news from TV.Tim Gunn’s show proved to me quite quickly that he is only good in small doses. And he is kind of mean. Remember the first season of Project Runway when he was so snarky about the one model have a cottage cheese butt? He is still a necessary element to PR, but a little goes a long way.And yes, I have been watching The Real Housewives of Orange County. I don’t particularly care for the scenes with Quinn, but I love how perfectly her born-again Christian side seems completely oblivious to her big ol’ tramp side and vice versa. Whenever I watch such bad TV I just point to my first Master’s Degree in American Studies and claim that my interest is academic.


  3. samhita February 22, 2008 / 3:14 pm

    hey thomas! this is the first time im checking out your blog. it nice to know you dont stick to the commercial stuff :) im in grad school and look to the internet for my entertainment. i love the office and 30 rock. the writer’s strike has made me obsessed with the daily show. i cant seem to find anything as good to watch. do you have any idea if arrested development and extras can be found online?


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